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Spending trends & credit scores are history.

We bring you a DIY life planning tool to take control of your future.


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Mylife Timeline is a powerful tool that will help you build a financial plan.  It is easy to use and is uniquely a 100% free  financial planning app. So, stop searching for personal finance spreadsheets and login today!

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Who knows your goals and plans better than you? Using MyLife you will be able to forge a clear path toward your biggest life goals and ambitions.

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Financial planning requires accounting for so many factors and trust us, it’s a pain getting it all lined up.  We help you see the impact of all your life events and money factors in one place… Discover ways to improve and have the confidence to act.

Not sure if it‘s right for you?

Here’s all the great things you can do with your Timeline.

  • Factors considered

    • Income sources
    • Debts (credit cards, loans, etc.)
    • Spending (one-time / recurring)
    • Savings
    • Housing
    • Auto
    • Retirement planning
    • Investments
    • Federal / state / local taxes
  • Events you can plan for

    • Selling / buying / renting homes
    • Selling / buying / leasing vehicles
    • Getting married
    • Increase in monthly spending aka +kid(s)
    • Spouse quitting their day job
    • Changing careers
    • Vacations
    • Buying furniture
    • Getting a promotion / bonus / raise
  • Special scenarios you can test for yourself!

    • 15 year vs 30 year mortgages
    • 5% vs. 20% down payment
    • Leasing vs. buying cars
    • Stay-at-home parenting vs. 2nd income + daycare
    • Extra $$ toward investments vs. debts
    • Career changes and new salary impact
    • Ideal timing of vacations
    • When you’ll finally be able to buy “insert dream item”

Powered by 300+ proven formulas to paint the clearest picture of your finances you’ve ever seen


of relentless research, modeling simulations, algorithm prototyping and most importantly, obsessive user testing, have resulted into an easy-to-use, but ridiculously comprehensive financial planning tool that is a perfect fit for DIY financial planners like yourself.


A single summary value of your FSI score lets you know how financially secure your lifestyle is


Quick-glance charts that summarize the most important metrics for your current money situation


Two timelines – Current life plan vs. hypothetical events and how it could impact your financial stability


Dig into the details and effects any event has on your timeline


Sit back, sip your favorite brew, and relax knowing you are on top of it!

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See how big purchases, life events, and time all can impact your life path. Discover clever ways to improve your Financial Stability Index (FSI™), reducing the risk of getting in a “tight spot” and start building your wealth, faster.

What is FSI and how does it help me?

Definition:  FSI™ is an age-dependent weighted algorithm that provides a comprehensive single measure derived from your monthly surplus, emergency funding, net worth, and pacing for retirement readiness.  It is a proprietary index developed by MyLife, inspired by corporate finances, and vetted by financial advisors & data scientists.  

How is my FSI calculated?


We collect all the various data points that make up your current and planned finances


Using your data, we’ll roll up common financial measures such as liabilities, assets, and surplus.


Now, we begin evaluating the “pillars” of what makes up your FSI through 4 special ratios…


Savings Ratio – What % of your total income each month is available after lifestyle costs are taken care of


Cash Ratio – Answers the question of how many months at your standard lifestyle you could cover if your income went to zero.


Solvency Ratio – At a very high-level, how do your total assets (cash + equity you have on stuff of significant value) compare to your total liabilities (debts you owe).


Retirement Readiness – An age-dependent estimate of how you’re pacing towards a comfortable requirement that fits in line with your lifestyle.


Financial Stability Index (FSI) –  One ratio to rule them all.  Measures how stable your lifestyle is at any given time considering a broad range of financial factors and events along your timeline.

Cool – so what does that actually mean?

In practice, FSI™ is a deep-reaching measure of your financial wellness.   As you take steps toward improving your finances, your FSI will go up – meaning you can more easily overcome any of life’s unplanned challenges.

A lower FSI leaves you more vulnerable to money problems. But don’t let that freak you out.

Take the analogy of health issues, often times the doctor will recommend eating healthier, right?  This doesn’t mean you can NEVER eat the things you love, it’s simply about making better decisions on a more regular basis.  That’s the exciting part about using the MyLife tool!  You finally have a dependable measure of your financial wellness and can easily compare any decisions to make sure you’re making the best choice for your lifestyle.

Super easy-to-use!
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A quick and easy intro wizard will get you started in less than 4 minutes!

We’ll get you to your dashboard and FSI as quick as possible.  Just 11 simple inputs and you’ll find out where you currently stand, and sometimes it’s not where you expected!

Customize your timeline with even more detailed information

Garbage in, garbage out people!   The first 11 inputs are there to get you to the fun stuff as quickly as possible, but don’t stop there.  You can improve the clarity (and value) of your life’s timeline by adding in more details about everything from the mix of your debt balances, to interest rates, retirement plans, and much more!

Screenshot mockup of user refining their inputs for the MyLife Timeline

Add future events

Whether you’re adding planned events coming up, or you’re simulating potential events, this is really where the platform shines.  Allows you to quickly see how all the various future activities combine to work for you 🙂 – or against you 🙁

Screenshot of MyLife Dashboard Add Event Modal

Experiment & discover the best path to your financial future

Remember, this is YOUR life we’re talking about, so the Timeline is the central focus of it all.  Everything you plan to do (or think you might want to do) will be reflected here in your financial future.  There’s also some additional high-value charts to help you understand why your FSI is where it’s at.

Simulate a variety of events, turn them on and off, then when you find the perfect fit, add it to your Timeline plans.

A mockup designed screenshot of what the MyLife Timeline dashboard looks like on a tablet

What people like you are saying

“This tool seriously rocks!  So nice to see how all my planned purchases were going to affect my ability to buy a new house in 18 months.”

Tristan T.Entrepreneur

“…I had a good income and retirement planning, but to actually SEE that I was really living on the edge was eye-opening and a little scary.  But now I can adjust and and prioritize – so grateful!”

Shawn M.Business Analyst

“I thought I was being smart paying extra on my home. Using their event simulator on the Timeline, MyLife showed me how that money could be put to better work for me elsewhere…”

Michelle P.Engineer

Find out where you stand & take control of your future by planning in confidence.